“Come up here with me”

In Exodus, God told Moses to ‘come up here.’ He wanted to meet with him on the mountain to get instructions for the children of Israel. Hmmm. I recently heard the Lord tell me, “Come up here with Me.” I believe we live in this world, but when we make time to to get away and ascend to a higher spiritual place where we can hear God clearly, then we can get long awaited answers and direction. So, instead of going to others 1st, why not go to God and ascend the mountain through prayer, His word, praise and worship and just getting quiet in His presence 1st? I believe He will most certainly give us instructions. I ask the Lord in the morning, “So, what’s on my agenda for today? What do you want me to do?” When I cast all my cares on Him and lay down my thoughts and ideas in His presence and inquire of His plans for me, I always leave with peace and direction. So, ‘come up here’ and receive instructions for your life day by day. 🙂 Be blessed. Da’dra

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