God, I won’t go without you

Good morning, everyone. Have you ever heard someone say, “God does not change his mind?” Well, God changed His mind quite a few times. In Exodus 32-33, the children of Israel (dropped their basket, as we say LOL) and created a golden calf to worship because they were impatient with God. They felt like Moses was taking too long to get back with them after speaking with God, so they decided to worship something else. That is another message in itself. But, what I want to address today is that in Exodus 33, Moses goes into the tent of meeting to talk to the Lord. God is so angry with the children of Israel that he tells Moses to take the remaining people into the promised land, but He would not go with them. He would just send an angel to go before them. In other words, His was refusing to send his presence with them. But Moses talks with God and says that he will not continue to go any further unless His presence goes before them. Moses asked, “How will they know that you are with us?” And, guess what? GOD CHANGED HIS MIND. I love that Moses didn’t want to settle for an angel going before them only, he wanted the glory of God, the presence of God. It makes a difference. This is my prayer. God, you are leading me to a place that you have promised in my own life and I don’t want to go without you. If your presence doesn’t go with me, count me out. And don’t even think about simply sending an angel….I want YOU. That is powerful. Moses knew that their enemies wouldn’t stand a chance if God’s presence was with them. That is what propelled them to victory every time. The people in foreign lands would even fear them because they already heard that God was with them and performed miracles for them. Who is like our God? He is strong and mighty and His presence makes the difference. Listen… gifted, talented, intelligent, rich or poor, it doesn’t matter what your position is. If you have the presence of God with you, your enemies will not be able to stop you and you will have the greatest reward was you make it to your promised land and fulfill your God-given destiny. You will have Him with you. There is nothing greater.

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