Running out of gas?

Just wanted to share what happened to me. My husband is not happy about my propensity to drive on empty as long as possible. LOL I have run out of gas on the way to the gas station a few times. I know it’s crazy, but I always think that I can make it and I have a little more time. LOL And, sometimes, I have so many other things on my mind. Oh, well… Have any of you done that? C’mon, ‘fess up! LOLOLOL Well, one of those times I successfully and slowly made it through the light and pulled over to the side of the feeder road. I was within walking distance of the gas station and I looked over and saw a hotel. I felt led to go inside, which is interesting because I could simply walk to the gas station. So, I obeyed that leading. When I arrived, a young lady at the front desk greeted me. I explained what happened and she said, “Well, I think I have a gas can in the trunk of my car.” To make a long story short. She lent me the can and I walked to the gas station in the rain and purchased the gas and walked back to my stalled vehicle and poured it into the tank. I returned the can to that very kind lady and went on about my day. Thank God for His mercy in the midst of my stupidity. LOL I always think I have a few more miles to go before the gas runs out. It’s crazy, I know. Here is what I thought about. Isn’t is ridiculous just how much we push ourselves to the edge and take risks in many areas. You always think you have a few more miles to go before the gas runs out. You think, “Oh, well, I will start exercising next week, next month, tomorrow…” because you assume you have more time to get healthy. But, I don’t think anyone expects to have a heart attack or a stroke when it happens, they probably think they have a little more time. What about running gas spiritually? We go and go and give and give and we think we can make it through just one more service or program or concert without refueling. And, we coast for awhile, but then it becomes obvious that something isn’t the same. We run out of gas. What about relationships? Is is possible to also assume that you have more time as it relates to showing the people in your life that you love them? What about pursuing your dreams and fulfilling your purpose in life? Running out of gas? Time is a precious commodity. God gives us a certain amount everyday. We need to be constantly aware of where our gas gauge is and not wait until it is too late to refuel spiritually, physically, relationally or in any other way. 🙂 Have a great day!

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