“yes, but not now”

It was a “challenging” day. My youngest son saw a toy in the store that he wanted. It wasn’t very expensive and normally I would get it for him. But today I felt the need to deny him. I explained that he just received many toys for Christmas and he had plenty to play with. For the first time, he had a complete meltdown. He cried all the way home…and I let him. He kept telling me that he really wanted that toy and I kept telling him to calm down and reminding him that he was not getting that toy today. The reason I refused to get it for him is because I am raising a man, not a spoiled child. And, as difficult as it was to hear him cry (mothers-you know what I am talking about. There is an ache in your soul when your child is in pain), I had to be strong in order to teach him a valuable lesson. In life you don’t always get what you want when you want it. I was reading in Genesis 11 about the tower of Babel. It is interesting that God said the people were united in purpose and they all spoke the same language. Because of their agreement, God said they would accomplish their goal of building a tower to heaven. And, the scripture says that their purpose for building that tower was so they would be famous. They didn’t have any other reason. There was no desire to please God or help others. So, GOD interrupted their plans and said, “No” to them. He confused their language so they could no longer communicate effectively, thereby destroying their lofty goal. I know God says, “Yes” to us over and over again. But, occasionally He will deny us of something we want in order to develop our character and purge our priorities and motives. Or, it just may not be his will for our lives, so He will lovingly interrupt our plans in order to get us on the right path. That’s what I thought about as I watched my son cry in great anguish. But, I know this is best for him. I want him to be able to handle a “No” properly. We will work on how to keep your focus on the good things, staying content with what you have while expecting God to bless you even more. I don’t want my son to be consumed with things. It’s alright to have things as long as they don’t have you. In the kingdom, it is “yes and amen, ” but occasionally, it’s a “yes, but not now.”


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